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For a company to grow from Good to Great, BMW believes that it must stand for more than just sales performance and profitability. A Great company should also be a responsible company that closely engages in social issues to promote social development.
As a luxury automobile manufacturer with more than 100 years’ history, BMW has always been guided by this philosophy in fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility. BMW hopes to deeply engage BMW authorized dealers and suppliers, car owners, BMW associates and other important stakeholders through CSR programs to jointly solve real problems in the communities with the aim of making long-term contributions to Chinese society.

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BMW advocates "Creating Shared Value" in fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility. In implementing innovative CSR projects that respond to real social issues, BMW creates shared value that benefits both society and the enterprise. We continuously seek innovative opportunities in our CSR projects, and join hands with stakeholders to address social challenges.
Guided by strategic CSR, BMW holds true to its three principles: long-term development, efficacy comes first, and all-round stakeholder engagement.

BMW Children’s Traffic Safety Education

Launched in 2005, BMW Children’s Traffic Safety Education (CTSE) is a BMW expert CSR program that targets children’s road safety in China. The program aims to improve children and adults’ road safety awareness, and its development in the last 17 years exemplifies BMW’s long-term commitment to the Chinese society.

BMW China Culture Journey

Initiated in 2007, BMW China Culture Journey, as a BMW corporate social responsibility project, is committed to exploring traditional Chinese culture and promoting the inheritance and development of intangible cultural heritage (ICH). Through 15 years of development, the program has upgraded from “stepping out” to visit intangible cultural heritage items to building a “sustainable public platform” geared to concentrate social resources and integrate intangible cultural heritage into modern life.

The splendor of our world begins with “multiculturalism”. It is this “difference” that creates a better world. Respecting, appreciating and cherishing cultural diversity is the true essence of the 15-year-old BMW China Culture Journey. For 15 years, BMW China Culture Journey has been making long-term contributions to the intangible cultural heritage industry, society and BMW’s own development with its continuous forward-thinking explorations and “no premium without responsibility” philosophy.

BMW Beautiful Homeland Initiative

The BMW Beautiful Homeland Initiative, launched by BMW in 2021 in partnership with the China Green Foundation and China Education Development Foundation-BMW Warm Heart Fund, is BMW’s new CSR program in China focused on biodiversity conservation and aimed at protecting China's biodiversity and contributing to national parks construction. In the first phase, this program will take the lead in establishing biodiversity conservation public education base in the Liaohekou National Nature Reserve in Liaoning Province, which will contribute to China's biodiversity conservation and ecological civilization construction.


In 2011, BMW JOY Home was officially launched to engage BMW associates, dealers, customers and caring members of society across the country in helping children. It is a BMW exclusive stakeholder engagement program tailored to the social issue of disadvantaged children in China. This program aims to provide disadvantaged children with equal development opportunities and further improve the development of the children in China’s underdeveloped areas.

BMW Sustainability & CSR Forum

BMW has consistently dedicated itself to being a good corporate citizen, actively performing the obligations of its localization strategy, and contributing to the sustainable development of China. With an international perspective, BMW has run the BMW Sustainability & CSR Forum in cooperation with various partners since 2013, providing a platform for key stakeholders to demonstrate, share and exchange their experiences in sustainability, while involving extensive social forces to encourage creative ideas and practices on corporate social responsibility.

China Education Development Foundation BMW Warm Heart Fund

BMW Warm Heart Fund was established in 2008 by BMW China Automotive Trading Ltd. and BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. to support the Chinese people's fight against the Wenchuan Earthquake. It is the first corporate public welfare fund in China's automotive industry. Over the past 10 years, BMW Warm Heart Fund has donated 108 million RMB and shown proactive support to Chinese society, stepping up not only in the occurrence of natural disasters, infectious disease outbreaks or other incidents, but also in education, intangible cultural heritage safeguarding, poverty alleviation, post-earthquake reconstruction, environmental conservation and other areas. BMW Warm Heart Fund has become a platform that connect multiple stakeholders to jointly participate in and continuously contribute to Chinese society.

CSR Awards

For years, BMW has been adhering to the concept of sustainable development, pursuing the harmonious development between corporate and society, passing honesty and warm heart to the public, and contributing to the society with innovative CSR concept. Therefore, BMW has been widely recognized and received many CSR awards.

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