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Brand Introduction

BMW Brilliance Automobile Ltd. owns BMW brand and ZINORO brand and BMW 3 (incl. standard wheelbase and long wheelbase), all-new BMW 5 Series Li , new BMW 2 Series Tourer, all-new BMW 1 Series Sedan, new BMW X1 and ZINORO 60H.

BMW Brilliance Products

  • All-new BMW 5 Series Li

    All-new BMW 5 Series Li is developed and tested synchronously with the standard wheelbase version of the overseas market. It is tailor-made for the Chinese customers and is the most sporty business sedan that meets all your aspirations. All new 5 Series Li sets new benchmarks in China’s premium business sedan segment with competitive edges in dynamic styling, fascinating driving, top class well being and cutting-edge connectivity.


  • The all-new BMW 1 Series Sedan

    The all-new BMW 1 Series Sedan is the most sporty compact sedan for young self-expression, tailor-made for Chinese young customers under BMW global platform. It sets benchmark in Chinese premium compact sedan segment with sporty design, best-in-class dynamic performance and cutting-edge connectivity.


  • The First-ever BMW 2 Series Tourer

    Boasting a large space capacity and equipped with advanced technology, an elegant appearance in gorgeous body colors make this car the typical dynamism and aesthetics design of a true BMW. The first-ever BMW 2 Series can meet demands of modern family in the new generation: whether traveling for family or going for a ride in the most fashionable places around the city.


  • New BMW 3 Series

    Characterized by strong sports DNA, the BMW 3 Series is known for its 40 years of sheer driving pleasure. New BMW 3 Series combines the dynamic design with unparalleled agility and excellent practicability, and always delivers the joy of dynamic driving pleasure in an irresistible glamour.


  • All-New BMW X1

    Compact appearance, spacious and flexible interior. All-New BMW X1 offers the best sense of control no matter in urban diving or off-road. All engine codes for All-New BMW X1 follow the philosophy of BMW Efficient Dynamics, aiming to provide maximum power on road running as well as the minimum fuel consumption.



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