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The joint-venture, BMW Brilliance created a new brand named ZINORO in April 2013. This is another step to deepening the localization development and a new milestone set in China. ZINORO 1E adopts the pure electric drive technology, it is the first product from ZINORO which was launched in the first quarter of 2014. Production of the ZINORO 1E is at BMW Brilliance’s Tiexi Plant. Advanced production facilities and high-quality standards to guarantee ZINORO as a top premium car.

On March 21, 2017, ZINORO brand announced its second car model, a plug-in hybrid SUV—ZINORO 60H national launch, while better satisfying the urban living, it also sends the best regards to the city. The launch of this model showcased BMW Brilliance’s commitment in deepening localization strategy and its determination in leading the NEV market in China.

ZINORO Products

  • ZINORO 60H is a tailor-made premium plug-in hybrid SUV for urban families in China. It carries a 1.5L TwinTurbo engine and a synchronized electric motor which gives the car a lower fuel consumption (1.8L/100km) and longer total range(630km).


  • ZINORO 1E is an Electric Sports Activity Vehicle (ESAV). It is a standard rear-wheel-drive car; boasting nearly 50:50 weight distribution, advanced suspension system that makes driving more dynamic and precise, bringing more driving pleasure. ZINORO 1E is a pure electric driven car with zero emission, efficiently and effectively uses new energy and being very environmental friendly.


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