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Founded in May 2003, BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. is a joint venture between the BMW Group and Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd. Business operations include production, R&D, sales, after-sales services and purchasing of BMW automobiles in China. BMW Brilliance has a state-of-the-art production base in Shenyang, Liaoning Province – an industrial heartland of China – and has been the top taxpayer in Shenyang for eleven consecutive years. It has a branch company in Beijing and an extensive national sales and service network.

Financial Information

  BMW Brilliance
In € million 2017 2016
Revenues 14,628 12,991
Scheduled depreciation 637 486
Profit/loss before financial result 1,619 1,328
Interest income 46 30
Interest expenses - 2
Income taxes 454 363
Profit/ loss after tax 1,337 1,031
     thereof from continuing operations - -
     thereof from discontinued operations - -
Other comprehensive income -121 30
Total comprehensive income 1,216 1,061
Dividends received by the Group 258 134
  BMW Brilliance
In € million 2017 2016
Non-current assets 5,910 5,779
Cash and cash equivalents 2,617 2,106
Current assets 5,212 4,405
Equity 5,377 4,678
Non-current financial liabilities - -
Non-current provisions and liabilities 962 670
Current financial liabilities 6 87
Current provisions and liabilities 4,783 4,835
  BMW Brilliance
In € million 2017 2016
Assets 11,122 10,183
Provisions and liabilities 5,745 5,505
Net assets 5,377 4,678
Group’s interest in net assets 2,689 2,339
Eliminations -666 -414
Carrying amount 2,023 1,925

Products and Production

BMW Brilliance currently manufactures six BMW models: the BMW 5 Series (long wheelbase), BMW 3 Series (long wheelbase and standard wheelbase), BMW X1 (long wheelbase), BMW 2 Series Tourer, BMW 1 Series Sedan and All-New BMW X3. These vehicles are produced at Plant Dadong and Plant Tiexi, in Shenyang. In May 2017, BMW Brilliance opened New Plant Dadong, a brand new and highly innovative automotive production plant which is a forerunner for the application of Industry 4.0. An engine plant began operations in January 2016 and produces the BMW Group’s advanced 3 and 4 cylinder engines. Upon the opening of a high voltage battery center in 2017, BMW Brilliance will become the first premium JV to assemble high voltage batteries in China So far. Plant Tiexi was the first automotive plant in China to be recognized as a national 4A tourist attraction, an achievement that will benefit the local area by inspiring interest in science and technology and promoting tourism in Liaoning province.

NEV Development

BMW Brilliance is committed to creating a better mobility transformation in China. On top of plans to increase the number of new energy vehicles (NEV) it produces and engineers, it is forming a comprehensive NEV ecosystem encompassing R&D, battery assembly, charging infrastructure and e-mobility services. In April 2013, BMW Brilliance launched ZINORO, an independent NEV brand owned by the joint venture. ZINORO is significant as it not only represents a new stage in localization and NEV development for the joint venture, but underlines the strength of co-operation between the BMW Group and Brilliance China Automotive. The ZINORO 60H, the brand’s second product, was launched in March 2017 and is a plug-in hybrid vehicle.


From EfficientDynamics, a strategy which maximizes performance but minimizes consumption, to cutting-edge sustainable production and the introduction of BMW 5S dealer certification in China, BMW Brilliance is proactively reducing emissions, lowering waste and promoting sustainable development in China through innovation. BMW Brilliance had the lowest Corporate Average Fuel Consumption (CAFC) of any automotive OEM in China in both 2015 and 2016.

Customer & Services

Providing exceptional customer service and experiences is a top priority for BMW Brilliance and it has a leading reputation for customer satisfaction among premium auto brands. The joint-venture is also steadfast in its commitment to supporting and developing the businesses of its dealer partners. At the end of March 2017, BMW had 570 dealer outlets nationwide, of which 470 are 4S/5S stores, 5 BMW Regional Distribution Centers, in Beijing, Shanghai, Foshan, Chengdu and Shenyang, 4 BMW Training Centers, in Beijing and Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xi’an, and 15 BMW Training Bases.

Corporate Social Responsibility

BMW is deeply rooted in China and committed to promoting the inheritance and development of local culture while exploring and safeguarding it. Launched in 2007, the BMW China Culture Journey has donated 16 million RMB towards protecting 90 Intangible Cultural Heritage features and related research projects. In 2016, BMW introduced an innovative initiative guided by the Chinese proverb “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. It upgraded its strategy from donating to resource support for inheritors, helping to solve challenges around safeguarding China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. BMW has also invested in establishing and maintaining safer urban environments, putting particular emphasis on children’s traffic safety education. Over the past 13 years, BMW Children’s Traffic Safety Education has benefitted over 400,000 children. On June 5th, 2008, BMW China and BMW Brilliance Automotive jointly set up the CCF-BMW Warm Heart Fund (WHF) in partnership with the China Charity Federation. Over the past nine years, BMW WHF has launched and promoted a series of social inclusion projects, such as BMW Joy Home” Children Care Program, “BMW Joy Future” Students Grant Program, and the BMW Yushu Care Initiative. BMW WHF provides a long-term platform for BMW, as well as its associates, dealers and customers, to contribute to Chinese society. By the end of 2016, over 80,000 BMW associates and customers had participated in warm-heart activities with individuals benefitting 130,000 times from projects in more than 28 provinces.


Having established itself as one of China’s premium automotive manufacturers, BMW Brilliance is striving for greater progress by increasing localization, introducing more new and advanced products and technologies and pursuing long-term, sustainable development. A responsible corporate citizen of China, BMW Brilliance will continue to give back to society by investing in social responsible programs, developing sustainable products in a more sustainable way and providing customers with the premium quality products and services that the BMW brand is renowned for.

BMW Group in China

With its four brands BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad, the BMW Group as a manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles, also provides premium financial and mobility services. As a global company, the BMW Group operates 31 production and assembly facilities in 14 countries and has a global sales network in more than 140 countries.

In 2016, the BMW Group sold approximately 2.367 million cars and 145,000 motorcycles worldwide. The profit before tax for the financial year 2016 was approximately € 9.67 billion on revenues amounting to € 94.16 billion. As of 31 December 2016, the BMW Group had a workforce of 124,729 employees.

Rooted in China, Enjoy the Joy in BMW

The establishment of the BMW AG Beijing Representative Office in April 1994 unwrapped the official entry of the BMW Group in Mainland China. Elevating another significant milestone for the BMW Group and the long-term commitment for Chinese market, BMW China Automotive Trading Ltd. was established in October 2005. Currently almost all of the BMW petrol engine product ranging from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 Series, X, M and Z models are available in the Chinese market and in addition, MINI and Rolls-Royce brands also share the vast lineup choices in China. In February 2014, all-new BMW X5 xDrive 30d was launched in China which registered the first BMW diesel car in the Chinese market. In September 2014, the all-new “Born Electric” BMW i —— the sub-brand of BMW, officially launched two of its NEV vehicles in Chinese market —— the progressive sportscar BMW i8 and innovative all-electric BMW i3, which represents a new milestone of e-mobility era for the BMW Group and advocates in the development for NEV market in China. BMW is one of the premium automaker brands that provide the most intensive NEV product models in China, offering up to 9 models in five series in the Chinese market. While providing customers with a varied selection of products, BMW continued to expand and enhance its sales and service network. By the end of March 2017, there were 470 authorized 4S/5S dealerships in Mainland China. Enhancing after-sales service and maximizing customer satisfaction are the essential effort to BMW’s development in China. BMW also boasts a professional training network for cultivating talents, including 4 training centers, 15 training bases in cooperation with local technical colleges or academies and 11 B&P training sites. BMW covers a training capacity of 400,000 man-day in 2015.

In August 2015, the BMW Group initiated aftersales service brand strategy upgrade for the Chinese market, which is known as “Maintaining Joy”, BMW launched a series of initiatives responding to customer needs based on the principle of “Convenience, Trust and Care”. In terms of Convenience, BMW launched Fast Lane Service highlighted by the One Hour Oil Maintenance Service and B&P Quick Repair Service. To fulfill the commitment of Trust, in 2011, BMW initiated transparent workshop system and after-sales service open day that were highly recognized by customers. In terms of Care, BMW provides free seasonal check up, maintenance package deals and end of warranty free check that have already established a good reputation and loyalty among customers who have enjoyed the BMW high-quality experience from products to services.

Leading the Premium Segment in China with Brilliance Automotive

In 2003, the BMW Group achieved a new development cornerstone in China. In May, BMW Brilliance, the joint venture by the BMW Group and Brilliance Automotive was set up with production base located in Shenyang. After more than a decade of development, BMW Brilliance now has two plants in Shenyang (Dadong and Tiexi) as well as an engine plant. The New Plant Dadong (expansion) was officially opened on 19 May 2017. With the addition of the new plant, the annual capacity of BMW Brilliance can be increased gradually to 450,000 units according to market demand. During the past 5 years, BMW Group has invested a total capital of over €2 billion in China. Moreover, the R & D Centre of Tiexi Plant has been put into use and the new engine plant near Tiexi was opened in January 2016.

July 2014, the BMW Group announced to extend its joint venture contract with Brilliance Automotive to the year of 2028. Locally produced models will also be doubled from current 3 to 6. The new JV agreement is a testimony of BMW Group’s extended commitment in localization strategy and lays another solid foundation for future development in China.

At BMW Brilliance, all BMWs have met the strict global production standards of BMW Group for high-quality cars. The BMW Group is always committed to introducing the latest products and technologies to the Chinese market. By now, a strong product portfolio of more than 30 variants of BMW 5 Series, BMW 3 Series, BMW X1, the BMW 2 Series Tourer, BMW 1 Series Sedan are produced at BMW Brilliance. On January 8 2015, BMW Brilliance’s number one-millionth car rolled off the assembly line. April 2013, BMW Brilliance introduced the new brand ZINORO, a new milestone step towards deepened localization. ZINORO focuses on developing new energy vehicles in the early stage, and also emphasizes energy-saving products and technologies in the long-term. ZINORO 1E is the first premium electric SAV product of ZINORO and was launched in the market during the first quarter of 2014. ZINORO 60H is the second model from the brand. The car was approved and entered the 9th Purchase Tax Exemption NEV Catalogue in Nov. 2016, and launched in March 2017. ZINORO products are produced in Tiexi plant using advanced production facilities and the high quality standard of BMW Brilliance to guarantee the premium brand substance.

On January 15 2015, BMW Brilliance brought its latest NEV development to the market: BMW’s first plug-in hybrid premium business sedan—— New BMW 5 Series Plug-in Hybrid. It was fully developed by BMW Brilliance and produced locally at Dadong Plant. In November 2016, the all-new BMW X1 PHEV was approved and entered the 9th Purchase Tax Exemption NEV Catalogue.

BMW’s active product offensives and market strategies received positive feedback from customers and recognized by the market. Sales and market share grow year after year, in 2016, the BMW Group maintained a steady and healthy growth in Mainland China. More than 516,000 units of BMW and MINI cars were delivered to Chinese customers, representing a year-on-year growth of 11.3%.

Excellent Corporate Citizen Make Contribution to Harmonious Social Development

BMW always adheres to sustainable development strategy and the practices of corporate social responsibility. With constant innovation and advanced technology, BMW has integrated the sustainable development with its entire value chain. With series of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs in China, BMW shows its long-term commitment to the Chinese society.

2016 is the centenary year of BMW Group. As an excellent corporate citizen, BMW Group has upgraded its CSR strategy from charity donation to strategic CSR with its focus on two core areas: Social Mobility , Safe and Sustainable Mobility.

In June 2008, BMW China and BMW Brilliance joined hands with China Charity Foundation (CCF) in the establishment of the BMW Warm Heart Fund. As a comprehensive CSR platform, BMW Warm Heart Fund has engaged all stakeholders efficiently and has been contributing to the sustainable development of Chinese society.

Brilliance Auto Group Holdings Co. Ltd

With full name of Brilliance Automotive Group Holdings Co., Ltd., Brilliance Auto Group, a wholly state-owned company, was founded in 2002 under the approval of Liaoning provincial government according to the decision of the Central Committee. Its headquarter is located in the city of Shenyang, Liaoning Province, a national key equipment manufacturing base, which is known as “Equipment Department of the Republic”. Brilliance is the leading enterprise of Liaoning automobile industry, the main force of domestic brand of Chinese automobile industry, with a total of 50 thousand staff and total assets of more than 140 billion RMB.

At present, Brilliance Auto Group has four listed companies (Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shenhua Holdings Co., Ltd., Jinbei Automotive Co., Ltd., Xinchen China Power Holdings Co., Ltd.), and more than 100 wholly-owned, holding and share companies. In the business segments, Brilliance Auto Group is specialized in R&D,vehicle design, manufacturing and sales of automobile, engine and core parts, as well as the automotive aftermarket business, also involved in new energy and other industries.

By 2015, Brilliance Auto Group has established two production and marketing bases in northern and southern China, six vehicle production companies, four engine production enterprises and a number of parts production enterprises, with two national certified enterprise technology centers, a national certified lab and a post-doctoral mobile workstation. It has 1,203 technology patents (including nearly 100 international patents), and obtains ability for developing complete vehicle styling, designing vehicle, prototype car, manufacturing, vehicle matching development and engine etc., the core automotive components. Through the high-level starting point of independent innovation, the enterprise creates three local vehicle brands of “Zhonghua”, “Jinbei”and “Huasong” and joint venture brand of “BBA (Brilliance BMW Automotive)” All products have covered all areas of passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Brilliance Automotive Group takes " people-oriented, quality first, innovation rooted " as the core values, to create "customer-centric and market-oriented" strategic system, to set the goal of becoming stronger, bigger and more excellent. During the 11th Five-Year period, its sales volume reaches a record high, with a total operating income of RMB233.3 billion for five years, 215.7% for the 11th Five-Year, 26.55 billion yuan for profits and taxes, and 276.6% of accumulated for the 11th Five-Year, achieving a goal of "two-step, quadruple income "leaping development.

During 12th five-year period, Brilliance adheres to the "Brilliance development model", actively deepens the reform and innovation, and promotes the transformation and upgrading, It firstly crosses the threshold of 100 billion annual income in Liaoning province and ranks No.1 among provincial-owned enterprises. The total operating income in the five years reaches 633.48 billion RMB, up by 171.5% over the same period of last year. The profit and tax amounted to 1,301.3 billion RMB, representing an increase of 390% over the same period of last year. In 2016, the group won 100th in the "2016 Chinese enterprises top 500 list".

Now, the Group has entered the transformation and upgrading of the 13 five-year stage. Concerning brand, it shifts from the product management to brand management; on technology, it learns from BMW Group as an example to lower carbon, information technology and intelligent enterprise technology upgrading. In the scale of efficiency, till the end of 13th five-year, the group ensures that the annual production and sales volume reach 1.5 million, annual sales income more than 300 billion RMB, and the total profits and taxes over 50 billion yuan. In the future, Brilliance Automotive Group will continue to adhere to joint ventures and independent collaborative development, to seize the opportunity to cultivate new growth sections and to make greater contributions for the implementation of national northeast old industrial base revitalization strategy and independent brand car development.


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