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AI Enhances Smart Manufacturing of Millions of Units
BMW i5 – the 6 millionth vehicle of BMW Brilliance Automotive rolls off the production line

May 8, 2024

(Shenyang) On May 8th, as a BMW i5 in Frozen Pure Grey rolled off the assembly line at Plant Dadong, BMW Brilliance Automotive officially reached a new significant milestone of its 6 millionth car. Thanks to 20 years of excellence in delivering reliable and premium cars to the Chinese market, BMW Brilliance Automotive has achieved a new level of steady development.

“Continued innovation is one of the core competencies of BMW high-quality development. By leveraging leading manufacturing concepts, production systems, and processes, we will continue to deliver benchmark premium quality to customers globally.” said Dr. Milan Nedeljković, member of the board of management of BMW AG, Production.

AI empowers creating a new benchmark for high-quality smart manufacturing for millions of units

The BMW Brilliance Shenyang Production Base is not only the largest single base of the BMW Group worldwide, but also an industry-leading smart manufacturing production facility. It exemplifies world-leading production processes, upholding rigorous quality standards that redefine industry benchmark. AI and digital technologies are extensively used and nearly 100 AI applications have been actively deployed. AI is instrumental in elevating the standard of quality control and consistency, facilitating real-time process monitoring and instantaneous data analysis.

The BMW Brilliance Plant Dadong, the birthplace of the all-new BMW 5 Series long-wheelbase, utilizes an industry-first AI-aided smart quality inspection system to monitor components production quality in the press shop. The “tireless” AI-aided smart quality inspection system, independently developed by BMW, can inspect every component on the production line and complete the analysis of a single photo in just 0.01 seconds. With continuous improvements, its inspection accuracy approaches nearly 100%. Even the tiny gaps invisible to the naked eye can be found, ensuring the optimal components for subsequent production stages.

Smart manufacturing-enhanced, creating high quality for the all-new BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series, an icon in its segment, has attracted over two million Chinese customers. The latest iteration has been meticulously customized for the Chinese market, offering an unprecedented level of innovative design, intelligence, and comfort that benchmarks BMW's flagship models. This new edition breaks conventions in this class with a stylish front, a coupe-like rear design, and an overall silhouette that embodies elegance and sportiness. The interior of the vehicle is a testament to BMW's commitment to premium and innovation, featuring an interior style that mirrors the flagship BMW 7 Series. It offers an enjoyable driving experience with the BMW Interaction Bar and the BMW Theatre Screen. Under the hood, the vehicle boasts an excellent powertrain, coupled with the 2nd generation integrated braking system and the 9th generation QDM system. These cutting-edge systems, along with the unique integration of functions and fine-tuning, elevate the classic BMW 5 Series driving experience to new level. Moreover, the new BMW 5 Series is equipped with an Active Lane Change Assistant with eye activation. This feature is designed with the principles of “human-centered design” and “driver-in-the-loop” providing users with a smart driving experience that is not only reliable and intuitive but also one that they will be eager to use.

The BMW i5 that rolled off features with a new Frozen Pure Grey paint, which will be available as an individual paint option in May. The delicate and high-class texture of the frozen paint gives the car an exquisite high-fashion look under light. Due to its special characteristics, spraying and quality control for this frozen paint require extremely strict standards. The BMW Shenyang Production Base utilizes automatic optical inspection (AOI) robots to capture over 100,000 photos for each painted body in the paint shop. With an inspection accuracy of 0.01 mm, they identify impurities, fibers, scratches and other minor process defects; The professional digital scanning equipment serves as the “piercing eye” that conduct comprehensive, multidimensional experimental tests in areas such as consistency, uniformity, ductility, and gloss. It strictly adheres to BMW’s globally standardized color paint value standards.

A new investment of RMB 20 billion to enhance intelligent productivity of the BMW Shenyang Production Base

With the Group’s long-term commitment of being “At Home in China”, the cumulative investment in BMW Shenyang Production Base has now reached RMB 105 billion since 2010. The BMW Group has always embraced the future and made firm commitments. Recently, BMW announced a RMB 20 billion increase in its investment in China for upgrading and innovating its Shenyang Production Base. Now, with new investment in China, the BMW Shenyang Production Base will continue to excel and lead the automotive industry in technological innovation and progress.

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