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Embracing a Human-centered Approach, Buffed to Excellence
BMW Once Again Wins Multiple Employer Branding Awards, Empowering Talent Transformation and Advancement

Jan 19, 2024

(Beijing) In 2023, the automotive market was fiercely competitive, marked by constant change and challenges. However, BMW has achieved sustained business growth through clear strategies and a diverse product portfolio. Grounded in core values of responsibility, appreciation, transparency, trust, and openness, BMW persists in shaping a distinct and vibrant Employer Value Proposition (EVP) strategy. This strategy not only provides employees with greater opportunities for personal growth and innovation, but also fosters career development with impact in the automotive industry. Working hand in hand with employees, BMW creates an employer brand centered around joy.

BMW China and BMW Brilliance Automotive once again secured the prestigious "Top Employer 2024" certification from the globally recognized Top Employers Institute. This can be attributed to its exceptional talent strategy, conducive work environment, comprehensive individual development framework, humane employer image, robust employee care, and incentive measures, as well as its commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive employer culture. BMW also earned accolades such as "2023 China's Best Employer" and "2023 Employer Most Favored by Women" from Zhaopin, "2023 Exceptional Employer" from Liepin, 2023 "Trustworthy Employer of the Year" and "Most Popular Foreign Employer" from Maimai, along with numerous other Employer Branding Awards. These achievements underscore BMW's influence among the younger generation and the favor it garners from outstanding talents.

Empowering talent transformation, embarking together on a digitalized future

In 2023, the BMW Group achieved commendable results in the Chinese market, delivering over 820,000 BMW and MINI vehicles, signifying a remarkable 4.2% YoY growth. Notably, BMW BEVs achieved nearly 100,000 deliveries throughout the year, showcasing the effectiveness of its electrification strategy. These remarkable achievements are attributed to the relentless efforts and hard work of every employee.

As BMW steadfastly advances its transformation in the directions of digitalization, electrification, and circular sustainability, it has intensified efforts to attract high-quality talents in innovative fields for the future. Over the past three years, BMW's research and development team in China has tripled in size, now comprising over 3,200 designers, and engineers, capable of end-to-end automotive R&D and full-stack intelligent connected vehicle software development. For instance, BMW's R&D team in China played a significant role in the design, development, testing, and validation of the upcoming locally produced BMW i5.

Moreover, BMW places a special emphasis on strengthening the construction of its talent development system, offering comprehensive support for continuous learning, skill transformation and upgrading, empowering employees to become trailblazers in the transformation process. In preparation for the transition to electric mobility, BMW has proactively cultivated a talent skill matrix for new energy. Employees are provided with broader internal development opportunities within BMW's sixth-generation HVB project, ensuring readiness for the production of next-generation models. To keep employees abreast of digitalization trends and drive the company's digital transformation, BMW recently launched its largest-ever international digital training program. This initiative encompasses data analysis, artificial intelligence, information security, metaverse and more. Through this program, employees gain insights into cutting-edge digital technologies, develop a new perspective on digital thinking, and explore and capitalize on the new opportunities brought about by digitization. In China, BMW has tailored over 80 specialized digital courses to local needs, as an act to continuously iterate on this educational initiative. Recognizing the roles of young professionals entering the workforce, BMW has introduced a range of diverse development programs to support their growth and success. These initiatives include the "Project-based Internship Summer Camp," the company-wide "Beyond" project for all post-1995 employees, and the "Sparkle" project for young potential talents. Through these learning and networking opportunities, BMW assists them in swiftly transitioning into their professional roles, establishing robust career development perspectives, gaining solid personal work capabilities, and obtaining comprehensive insights into BMW's business and the overall automotive industry.

With a strong commitment to prioritizing employee health, safety, and happiness, BMW wholeheartedly embraces a holistic approach to human care.

For employees, working is a way to pursue a better life. Prioritizing the well-being of its employees, BMW places a premium on health, safety, and happiness, conveying human care through a myriad of employee benefits and activities. Initiatives include counseling for psychological well-being, health and fitness programs, communication channels between the company and employees, and providing competitive compensation and benefits. In terms of diversity, equality, and inclusivity, BMW is committed to creating a fair, open, and inclusive workplace environment, including providing a safe and convenient working environment for people with disabilities. This is a mutual journey of achievement between professionals and BMW, where employees not only unleash their full potential, and enhance their sense of well-being but also embark on a transformative journey with the company, achieving high-quality development together.

BMW Group firmly believes that long-term talent cultivation and support are the key to ensuring high-quality employment. Over the years, BMW has attracted numerous self-driven individuals who are passionate about creating a better future and realizing a sense of value through their work. Guided by the "Digital, Electric, Circular" strategy, BMW will continue to uphold its human-centered approach, and gain momentum for future development. This approach will resonate with employees and collectively propel the company's transformation and evolution. BMW accompanies you on the journey towards fulfilling your dreams!

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