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2018 BMW China Culture Journey’s Visit in Yushu Kicked-off

July 25, 2018

Yushu, Qinghai, 25th July - The largest annual event across the Tibetan plateau, as one of the most famous examples of intangible cultural heritage in Yushu——the “Horse Racing Festival” was held at Zasiko Racecourse today. In the afternoon, the 2018 BMW China Culture Journey, co-organized by the Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai and BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. officially kicked off, launching a journey which has explored and visited Chinese traditional culture over the past 12 consecutive years. Taking the theme “Trace the Source of the Three Rivers; A Spiritual Homeland of Grandeur and Spectacle”, the BMW China Culture Journey fleet will thoroughly explore the local intangible and tangible cultural heritage and natural landscapes over the following 6 days.

Dr. Johann Wieland, President & CEO of BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd., remarked at 2018 BMW China Cultural Journey’s launch ceremony: “At BMW, we all share the same outlook. A strong and successful brand should engage with communities and have an understanding of their history, culture and traditions. As the iconic program of BMW strategic corporate social responsbility, BMW China Culture Journey has constantly upgraded its vision, and leverages BMW's brand influence to build a bridge between traditional culture and modern society. This year, we will actively apply the national policy of ‘Targeted Poverty Alleviation’ by attempting the mode of ‘culture + tourism’ and creative transformation of intangible culture heritage, to explore innovative of cultural poverty alleviation.”

“Yushu has long been situated at a cultural crossroad, where there has been strong influences from both the Tibetan and Han peoples. The area is also located along the path where, traditionally, communications between China and the West often passed through, as Yushu stands at the headstream of three rivers. A vivid and diverse ethnic culture has developed in this region over the centuries, not only tangible cultural heritage with distinct characteristics, but also rich intangible cultural heritage.”said Mr. Ma Tiefeng, Deputy Sheriff of Yushu Prefecture, “BMW China Culture Journey has gained significant achievements during past traditional cultural visits and has passionately protected, safeguarded and supported cultural heritage for many years. This year’s BMW China Culture Journey visit in Yushu will present the natural beauty and the brilliance of local culture to the world and promote the creation of a cultural tourism brand which focuses on the slogan ‘The Source of Three Rivers; Beautiful Yushu’.”

As the saying goes: “Following twelve years’ of progress, we can go further still”. BMW China Culture Journey, which launched in 2007, adheres to BMW strategic corporate social responsbility, leverages BMW’s brand influence to build bridges connecting various social resources and explores the public mode of intangible culture heritage protection with innovative methods to integrate intangible cultural heritage into modern life.

During the visit, BMW China Culture Journey will select 10 Tibetan intangible cultural heritage inheritors from Yushu, who have innovation potential, and recommend them to enroll in a training program at the Tsinghua BMW Innovation Center for Intangible Cultural Heritage Safeguarding to strengthen their foundation of intangible cultural heritage inheritance and promote the creative transformation and innovative development of intangible culture heritage.

BMW China Culture Journey will launch the “Yushu Development Support Program”, and invite experts, cultural ambassadors, non-governmental organizations, entrepreneurs, car owners and media representatives to attend. Based on the social demands of Yushu, our program will seek to meet a number of objectives, including “Economic Development of Yushu”, “Promoting Cultural Tourism in Yushu”, “The Creative Transformation of Yushu Tibetan Handicrafts”, as well as “The BMW Warm Heart Fund Revisits Yushu”, BMW will integrate social resources to contribute to the sustainable development of Yushu.

During BMW China Culture Journey’s visit to Yushu, BWM will intensify its assistance program and explore innovative methods of cultural poverty alleviation. By developing the “culture + tourism” plan and creatively transforming intangible cultural heritage in modern life, we will be able to further the National Policy of “Targeted Poverty Alleviation” and achieve our goal of not just “helping one person” but “influencing a circle” of people to help fuel regional economic growth.

Regarding the creative transformation of intangible cultural heritage, we will connect non-government organizations and designers with Tibetan cooperatives in Yushu, encouraging co-designs of intangible cultural heritage creative products to meet market needs.

With regards the “culture + tourism” aspect of our plan, an upgraded BMW China Culture Journey Intangible Cultural Heritage Tour Guide will be published. That is, BMW will launch the first culture themed community via Mafengwo and will also publish the BMW China Culture Journey Tour Guide in Yushu to help promote tourism within the Tibetan region.

In 2018 BMW celebrated the 10th year of the BMW Warm Heart Fund. As an inclusive platform of corporate social responsbility, the BWM Warm Heart Fund has actively explored innovative pathways to provide assistance to those in the greatest need. In 2010, when the great earthquake struck Yushu, the BMW Warm Heart Fund began its relief work, by promoting education and ecology. The fund donated more than 10 million RMB to Yushu during this time, which amounts as the largest donation from the BMW Warm Heart Fund to a single area in 10 years. During this visit, the BMW Warm Heart Fund made a commitment to revisit the local educational and environmental sites again in 10 years’ time to record how far these areas have progressed. While keeping BMW corporate social responsbility’s long-term promises and commitments, this will also help ensure Yushu’s long-term sustainable development.

To enjoy the beautiful scenery of Yushu with our visit fleet, please follow our BMW corporate social responsbility official WeChat account.

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