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Future Talent Programs

During your daily work and career development, there is experienced buddy who will give professional support and guidance to you. He / She will help you to develop to be a qualified professional talent. Furthermore, diverse training plan including classroom training, team building, experience sharing and on-job-training will help you to integrate into the team and become one excellent young profession more smoothly. In addition, you will get a competitive allowance and insurance to support the completion of your education during the Future Talent Programs.

SpeedUp China in Production

What is failure, I don’t know. Facing the challenge, I don’t fear. I’ll fight and defend! SpeedUp China in Production aims to develop and qualify the most capable bachelor students into excellent potential section leaders. Professional orientation training, technical training, buddy’s guidance and sufficient on-job-practice will support trainees to accomplish the smooth transfer from students to employees.

Target group:

Bachelor students from last school year, can join programme from January 2017.

Programme process:


During your daily work and career development, experienced buddy will provide professional support and guidance to you.


Programme will provide you not only practical skills, but also related theoretical knowledge to you. There are two parts training courses for you: orientation training and technical training.


You will get a competitive allowance and insurance to support the completion of your education during the Future Talent Programmes.


You will work on the front line of production, learn technical skills and accumulate work experience. As a potential section leader, the proactivity of learning and self-improvement is the most important.

Recruiting Process:

Interview Day Date: Sep. 23rd ,2016.
Location: Shenyang University of Technology, Building E, 201.
Major preferred: Vehicle, Mechanical, E/E, Automation, Industrial Design, Logistics, Materials, or any other Technical& Engineering majors.

P.S. Please come for interview with your bilingual CV in formal wear or smart casual.
As you are currently studying in university, we need the approval with a seal from your university before hiring you.

FastLane China Programme

If you want to proactively prepare yourself to take that next career step, you’ll need more than just an advanced qualification. That’s why our FastLane programme is geared to provide you with the in-depth practical work experience and personal development opportunities you need to round out your studies and perfectly position yourself to take that next step with us.

As a successful candidate, you’ll also receive attractive allowance that will enable you to fully focus on your studies while you develop your skills, get to know our company culture first-hand and lay the foundations for the next all-important chapter in your career.

Target Group:

Master students will graduate in April / July of 2017, can join programme from November 2016.

Programme process:


During your daily work and career development, experienced Buddy will give opportune help and professional guidance to you.


Programme will provide not only practical skills, tailor-made soft skill training and development activities will help you integrate theory with practice.


You will have the opportunity of being in charge of some entry level tasks or projects in your team with Buddy’s support to accumulate work experience. Job rotation or even production work experience could also be very helpful.


You will get competitive allowance and insurance to support the completion of your education during the Future Talent Programmes.

How to Apply?

Please follow “BBA Recruitment” Wechat account by scanning the following QR code to apply for the position.

Check the page "Career" - "Future Talent Program" - "Fastlane" - "Check the Vacancies". Then you can apply for it right there by wechat.

Recruitment Process:

The application is only accepted via BBA recruitment WeChat account. And the deadline would be 20:00 Sep. 23rd ,2016.
As you are currently studying in university, we need the approval with a seal from your university before hiring you.
This program only applies to Chinese students with Chinese school enrollment.

ProMotion China Ph.D. Programme

You, like scientific research, but refuse the boring; You, abound with originality frequently, but suffer from turning it into reality, please choose BBA ProMotion China Ph.D. Programme-stand on the giant's shoulder, walk with people who adhere to dreams! Your future is not a dream!

BBA ProMotion China Ph.D. programme is a talent training programme by cooperating with the first-class universities in China. It takes university-enterprise double supervisor system, designed for Ph.D. candidates who are aspiring to in-depth study and solving the practical problems, aimed at educating cutting-edge technology and management innovative talents who can meet the requirements of multinational company for the automotive industry.

As a Ph.D. trainee, you will have wider networking and platform to get insight into BMW Group than normal employees. You will have the precious chance to find the most suitable position for the future and obtain valuable internal recommendation. During the four-year programme period, kinds of professional trainings, colorful communication activities, and thematic workshops will help you grow up quickly and improve the career competition abilities. The research grant will support you to concentrate on work and study.

Target Group:

Master students or young professionals who wish to do Ph.D. study in the fall of 2017

Programme Period:

Four years, September 2017 to August 2021

Programme Modules:

Programme contents in detail:


You will participate in the tailor-made high standard soft skills trainings. We also support you to join the technical trainings which is helpful for solving practical problems. In addition, you will have the chance to Germany headquarter for study and exchange. All trainings aim at supporting you for personal development.

Production and Non-Production Assignment:

Production assignment will give you first-hand experience of our products and customers. Two other non-production assignments will provide you wider networking to gain a better understanding of related departments’ business for continuing your topic research effectively and efficiently.

ProMotion China Ph.D. Dialogue Day:

ProMotion China Ph.D. Dialogue Day is held once a year. On the Day, all Ph.D. trainees will exhibit and present their topics and achievements to BMW associates and university professors. By presentation and dialogue, Ph.D. trainees will find how to bridge the gap between science and business.

Semester Meeting:

Twice a year. All Ph.D. topic team members will get together to review the performance in the past and make plans for the next half year. The regular communication make sure you will be guided towards your targets.

ProMotion BBT Technical Sounding Board:

In the middle and at the end of the programme, you will have the opportunity to report and present the progress and achievements of your topic to BBT Technical Sounding Board to gain their valuable guidance and advice.

Communication and Activities:

With the formal and informal networking opportunities (such as BBT Technical Sounding Board, forums, seminars, etc.) and a variety of activities, you will expand your vision, improve your communication ability, and perfect yourself in advance.

Requirements and Applications:

Detailed topics: Please refer to the recruiting websites of BMW Brilliance.
Qualification and process: The University admission process and regulations are not affected by the Programme. Please refer to the recruiting websites of cooperation universities and apply according to the doctoral candidate recruitment process.

General Conditions and Ph.D. Trainee Contracts:

As ProMotion China Ph.D. Programme trainee, you will receive a research grant for the constant 4 years. The company will purchase a lift accident commercial insurance for you accordingly. Meanwhile, the IP protection and confidentiality contract is also need to be signed.

Only by passing all selections from the Company, University professors and University, you are qualified to join the ProMotion China Ph.D. Programme.

New Vocational Education Programme

Launched in 2012, BMW Brilliance New Vocational Education Programme aims to cultivate talents and provide the qualified technical associates for BMW Brilliance technical departments through systematic training. Based on the German ‘Dual System of Vocational Education’ theory, our programme combines the latest technology and training notion of BMW with the standard of BMW Brilliance technician capacity index.

Currently, we have established the majors of Machinery Maintenance and Mechatronics. With the increasing maturity of the new vocational education project, we will develop other majors in the near future according to the request from technical departments to meet the their needs for different kinds of talents.

Target Group:

Freshman of Shenyang Equipment Manufacturing Engineering School.


You will have an appointed buddy to guide you through the practical on-the-job training. The buddy will help you develop to be a qualified technician within our organization.


The New Vocational Education Program is designed to give you theoretical and practical skills for your future career development within BMW Brilliance. Training includes soft-skill training, such as VPS/Quality, Effective Communication and technical training, such as FESTO Hydraulic & Pneumatic Basic, SIEMENS Automation related courses, Task Based Mechanical Workshop.


You will get a competitive allowance and insurance to support your completion of your education during the New Vocational Education Program.

Program outline:

New vocational education program:

Below we have outlined the pre-requisites of New Vocational Education Program for your information:

• Major in Mechatronics/Electrical maintenance or related.
• Good learning ability and problem solving ability.
• Able to adapt to shift work.
• Work Location: Shenyang

BMW Global Leader Development Programme

There are many paths to success. Why not take the direct one with BMW‘s Global Leader Development Programme (GLDP)?

GLDP offers the opportunity to jump start the career of talented graduates and young professionals. If you are aiming high and striving for a leading position at the BMW Group, you are in good company.

This talent development opportunity will equip you step by step with the skills you need to succeed. Supported by an experienced mentor, you'll be able to benefit from this structured 18 months’ programme in several ways: having the chance to work abroad, sharing know-how across borders, joining dynamic teams to tackle exciting and varied projects and building your own global network of contacts are only some of the programme integral parts.

Programme Process:

If you share our passion for future mobility solutions and would welcome the opportunity to take on new responsibilities, GLDP will open doors for you. All you have to do is to walk through them. We look forward to your application.

Find more information about GLDP here (only available in English).


BMW Group Global Leader Development Programme (Product Management)

BMW Group Global Leader Development Programme(Innovation Coordination)

Stories of GLDP trainees of previous years

BMW Group Global Leader Development Programme is designed to cultivate potential leaders who are suitable for BMW Group positions. It is hard for each candidate to stand out unless they are knowledgeable, courageous and of perseverance.

Yue Liu
Technical Planning

“I believe my future career in BMW Brilliance is full of possibilities and I hope my excellent performance could push the success of BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. further forward.


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